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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Webcam software

Pretty MPEG4 Record

According to
me, this is an usefull software to
obtain a true featuring
instrument to play by a webcam.
I have found many functions in
it: First of all the possibility of
creating a new camera, searching
cameras, opening windows of
video channels, sessionig files
and all informations , creating
web pages for your camera and
more. The first feature allows
you to select a local camera
being a device connected to your
computer. A camera connected
to an IP then to the network and
a remote camera connected to
another computer. Then you can
select many other functions you
can use. There are 7 windows on
which one can work by this
program : File window, view
window, settings window, tools
window, help window , purchase
window; So on the downstair
instrument bar, there are other
buttons like create new camera,
changing camera options, delete
current camera, paste camera,
opening and saving camera
sessions buttons ... it’s according
to me a good software that has
to be proved....